Dear Future President,

Obesity has been a growing issue around the world, but in America it’s out of control. In America, 40% of its population is obese, compared to other countries. For example, in Europe its obese population is less than 27%. Obesity is when you have too much body fat and to be consider to be obese you have to have a body mass index greater than 30, if less than that you’ll be considered healthy. For example, we eat foods on a regular basis that have tons of sugar and fats that aren’t healthy for the human body. The unhealthy foods then turn into fat which makes the person gain weight. There are alternatives for people, like decreasing the amount of unhealthy foods they eat and exercising at least for an hour.  For the first time in our generation, some of us won’t be able to see our grandchildren because of a high cholesterol which increase the risk of heart disease. The main factors for this is fast food restaurants and people not controlling the way they eat. Fast food is cheap and easy to get for most people. For instance, going to a McDonald’s you could get a burger, fries, and a drink for five dollars, something an individual can afford.  
When I was ten I was in that borderline of being obese, so my doctor recommended me to change my ways if I didn’t want to have issues when I was older. Some of his advice was to just eat healthier and to watch what I ate. In a way the doctor traumatized me which made me change. So it was up to me to change. When I entered my junior year of highschool, I reached my goal of not being obese because I listened to what my doctor recommended me to do. My P.E teacher gave some facts to the whole class about the issue in our country, which were really shocking to me because I believed that we had healthier foods than other countries in the world. For one, other countries won’t buy most of our food products because of how unhealthy they are. Most of our foods have high fructose corn syrup(sugar). Many people aren’t educated in this because they don’t think it’s important for them or because it’s a waste of time for them; until it’s too late for them. With small information about this can help them live a longer than what the statistics are for obesity.
What I am proposing here future President is the fact that we have to inform people as much as we can to get these number to decrease. Also to regulate most producers of fructose corn syrup by decreasing the amount they produce and how much should be added to the food. Maybe with this, other countries might want to start buying our products. You have a huge influence in this country and with you we can make the difference.

Atalo Paniagua

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