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Erica Hodgin
Erica Hodgin
March 10, 2020 6:14 am

Thank you for sharing about this important topic that is clearly impacting Oakland and many other cities in the United States. You have shared a number of negative consequences of gentrification which are really helpful to understand. I’m curious about the timeline that you mentioned and whether you think that gentrification started before Trump’s presidency. I would think that it is a longer pattern in the city, but I’m curious what your sources said. I’m also wondering about solutions. I know you mentioned that rent control doesn’t tend to help in the long run. What about policies that require that there is mixed income housing spread out through out the city? What else do you think would help in terms of affordable housing? I appreciated your idea that Oakland residents who have higher incomes should donate to the public schools.

January 15, 2020 6:36 pm

Dear Ashley I think your post was very good and interesting because it talked about how people are getting pushed out of Oakland due to high rent, you also talked about how more white people are moving into the neighborhood which you later stated that was gentrification. A line that stood out to me was “If there’s more construction, more of the rent is getting raised up which is making the people who used to live there move away because they can’t afford to pay their rent.” That line stood out to me because it connects to all of your evidence and your claim. Thanks for writing and keep it up.

January 10, 2020 4:17 am

Dear Ashley, you post, “Oakland’s Downfall” is really interesting. Your writing is intriguing. And now that I realized it, gentrification is removing the culture that is in Oakland. A sentence from your post, reads “Oaklanders are the root of the culture” and I completely agree with this. The fact that high rent is the reason why POC leave their homes just proves that Oakland is obviously doing nothing! Which leads to us to fix this issue. But how? How will we stop gentrification? You’ve listed all the problems, but what are the solutions? Another problem that strikes Oakland is racism. Oakland is one of the most cultural cities in the bay area (in my opinion) but oppression still surrounds the place. In an article named “We’re being pushed out’: the displacement of black Oakland” by Sam Levin, he talks about when police were being called for black people doing a barbecue. The article reads, “While African Americans in Oakland have been steadily displaced by gentrification, others who remain are treated like criminals in their own hometown.” (Levin). Gentrification is affecting TONS of African Americans which results to them leaving. While the other AA receive discrimantion and racism in the homes they own. They are LITERALLY getting disrespected at the town AA been leaving for more than a decade. While people who are just arriving to Oakland and getting to know the city, have the audacity to oppressed the ones that are more knowledgeable than they are. Thank you Ashley for this great piece of writing. This topic has open new perspectives. I look forward to seeing more of your work, Ashely!

January 6, 2020 2:58 am

Ashley, what you’re focusing on is very interesting and a very important topic, I didn’t know that stopping gentrification was that important to you.

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