Oakland violence by Brian Burgos Ramirez

January 8, 2019


Oakland violence

Oakland Violence


The City of Oakland where we live is trying to make a change because Oakland has been very dangerous since the 80’s and 90’s. This happens in school fights and for being in a gang. To make Oakland safer and better, there needs to be no more gangs and less fights in schools.


The best way to get rid of gangs is creating more places where people can be safe. An example, can be a place in Alameda County where police is everywhere. We need places where police can always be around. We already have parks, but there’s no police or a security around checking. An example can be the park Cesar Chavez at Foothill Boulevard and 37th Ave. There’s always a lot of young people just smoking and in the night people in Oakland can’t go there because it is dangerous. That’s why we need more places where police can be around the zone. For example, police agencies may choose to proactively increase foot patrol in a crime hot spot in an effort to reduce the rate of vandalism, car theft or break-ins, burglaries, robberies, assaults, or other crimes. The heightened police presence and visibility aims to increase an offender’s perception that he may be apprehended if he takes advantage of crime opportunities at that hot spot.

Another way to get rid of violence because of gangs is having more programs in schools. For example, it can be a job in the library, it can be swimming classes, also it can be a football team. Or, a place where the young people can be distracted and they don’t have to be in the streets involved in gangs and doing bad things. For example, in the case of Mario, a young boy of 14 years old. His experiences in the streets and drugs was something that he does not want back. He always was involved in school fights for being in a gang called “Reyes Surenos 13.”  He is from Guatemala and when he came to Oakland everything changed in his life. He said, “One time I saw how the other people treat me just for don’t know English and then there was when I understand that you have to treat them like they treat you” (Lopez). His first gun that he bought with his money was when he was 13 years old and he bought it to shoot the guy that always bullied him. He said, “I was about shoot but I’m not that strong” (Lopez). Mario likes to play soccer and if he had a school team or program maybe he could be involved in that and not school fights or gangs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

To decrease the fights at schools the district  can create a program like the program LMB “Latin Man and Boys” and “Joven Noble.” These programs involve young boys and they receive help from a mentor that is always there for them. They learn about where they come from and they are always together helping each other like if they were brothers. Also, they give them jobs for summer and they go on field trips . That is a better  way to decrease the fights in schools. Oakland doesn’t want more school gangs, or cases like the case of Gerry Gonzalez that happened in Coliseum College Prep. In the article “Oakland Student Survives Gang Violence, Hones In On College Degree” by Sherry Hu and Christina Arce they explained what happened to Gerry and said,  “It’s kind of like a double life. He said. His first shooting was when he was nine years old. We doesn’t want that type of violence more” (Hu and Arce) .

In conclusion, to decrease the violence in Oakland that are caused by gangs and fights for young people Oakland needs more programs and police in parks. Let’s make the change for a better Oakland.


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