All around the world, people have different perceptions of eyesight. Some people have it worse than others. This could be from genetics, it could be dependent on how one takes care of their eyes, or even a combination of both. Eyesight is important to overall health and should be something nurtured correctly, especially if eyesight genetics are not in one’s favor. To a certain extent, what one does in their daily life can affect their eyesight over a period of time because human eyes are sensitive and need balance and care to be maintained.

Genetics play a major role in determining the basis of an individual’s vision. There are many types of “vision-related conditions that are typically inherited” such as; Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, Colour blindness, and Amblyopia (“Is Eyesight Nature or Nurture?”). These conditions are not always passed down through every generation. Some children may not receive a condition like one of these, whereas their sibling might. On the other hand, “certain vision problems have mixed genetic and environmental causes” such as blurred vision caused from staring at a screen for too long (Gautier). For instance, if a young child over watches YouTube videos on a daily basis, he or she, months later, may complain about blurry vision when trying to see things in the distance. Balancing the time off and on electronics in this case, and in general, is a beneficial step in maintaining one’s vision. 

Along with balancing the use of electronics there are many other ways people can nurture their eyes to maintain, or even strengthen their vision. These tips include eating healthy, getting regular exercise, and avoiding smoking (“Eye Care | Vision Care”). Not only do these tips benefit eye health, but also the overall health of an individual. These tips are things that should be constant to maintain the health of the eyes. Following these criteria once or twice a week will not be as effective as following them five to six times a week. 

The health of an individual’s eyes are something that can slowly diminish over time if not properly taken care of. The way people nurture their bodies and eyes will affect their overall health, either in a positive or negative way. It is important that people take note of their responses to certain things like too much time on the computer, not enough exercise, or overeating, and try to make changes to better oneself. Nurturing oneself, not only in the circumstances of nurturing vision but oneself as a whole, should result in positive outcomes because it shapes how you live. 

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