I believe that Ai did a good job overall, but there are some things that I need to change because they added to my essay. Nevertheless, I think it is beneficial to use Ai because it teaches us how to write better essays by using stronger words. As an ELM student, I believe that the Ai has taught me how to write better, spell better, and change my weaker words with stronger ones that will help people understand my work. Students like me might find it useful, but they shouldn’t utilize all of Ai’s vocabulary. however, they may use the Ai concept to begin their essay.The same way AI did for this book, it can assess student data, adjust to their learning styles, and provide feedback and recommendations that are specific to each student’s needs and skills. This can maintain students’ interest and motivation and improve their academic achievement.

In his book Long Division, Kiese Laymon introduces readers to City, a young man with an exceptional capacity for time travel. He is caught up in a complicated investigation involving a girl who has gone missing and the effects of his time travel. Laymon uses time travel and historical time jumps to establish a feeling of continuity and the focus is placed on two opposing parallel narratives featuring an African American adolescent and a multiracial adolescent. Through these two perspectives, Laymon explores race, history, and time.

The novel’s structure creates a sense of familiarity and connection between the reader and the characters. This is especially true in chapter three, which highlights the use of satire. City uses satire and comedy to both laud and condemn Lavander in his criticism of him, expressing his feelings and ideas about him. He insults other characters and expresses his opinions regarding racial and gender stereotypes through satire, sarcasm, humor, and exaggeration. Laymon’s satirical and commentary-based writing style is a potent tool for highlighting the complexity of small-town life and inspiring readers to consider their communities critically.

The novel also opens with a parody of a grammar quiz show called “Can You Use That Word in a Sentence?” that mocks how language and education are frequently employed in American society as means of oppression and exclusion. This reflects City’s opinion on Lavander’s use of language, as referenced in Chapter 4. By using humor to defend their sexuality and compare Lavander’s scent to a little beast in their criticism of it, City expresses their opinion of the situation.

As the novel progresses, the reader is left with many unanswered questions. What will City discover through his time travels? How will his investigation of the missing girl unfold? How will the parallel narratives resolve? What will be the consequences of the City’s time travels? As the novel continues, readers can look forward to learning more about these questions and uncovering the mysteries of Long Division.

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