In the article, ¨North Korea launches missiles¨ { btw, btw admin, 2022} I learned that Korea launched a missile over Japan and this missile landed in the pacific ocean. North Korea has launched its missiles over seven times, and how this is an issue for America because the united states has naval bases out in Guam.

The reasoning behind North Korea’s frequent missile tests is for their safety against any future threats from the United States or any other countries that try to threaten their safety. The United States’ response to Korean actions was announcing new economic sanctions against North Korea.

My thoughts on this situation are what comes in the future for all countries if north Korea keeps launching its missiles. I say this because if perhaps North Korea launches a missile and it hits japan or it hits a u.s naval base then there will for sure be a war between countries, not just the ones impacted but the ones who have ties with each other. Luckily it hasn’t come down to it yet but hopefully, it doesn’t happen because this will most likely lead to all-out nuclear warfare.

How will the u.s combat this situation if countries their close to are affected?

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November 18, 2022 5:19 pm

Dear Manuel,
I am impressed by your post “North Korean missile tests” because you mention how
North Korea has fired missiles over Japan but they ended up landing in the pacific ocean. You also mention how they are firing missiles for their future safety. But what about the other people outside of North Korea?

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is:  “Perhaps North Korea launches a missile and it hits Japan or it hits a U.S naval base then there will for sure be a war between countries” This stands out to me because I also thought the same thing. There is a possibility that the missile can malfunction and hit Japan or the U.S and possibly start World War 3. 

Thanks for your amazing writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your topic was interesting as well as your choice of words!


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