If people were asked if they want another World War, their answer would most likely to be strongly disagreeing to having another World War. The World War I killed 16.5 million people and the World War II killed 56 million people. In total, these two wars killed about 72.5 million lives in 10 years. In these two World Wars, the weapons were not fully developed compared to today’s weapon due to having developed technologies.


The reason why i asked about having another World War is because the North Korea’s Nuclear development activities have been a huge issue to the world. It’s not that their nuclear development activities are perfectly wrong, but they are threatening other countries by using their nuclear weapons. The North Korea started their first nuclear weapon facility was built with supports from Soviet Union in 1965. However, the North Korea is now developing their nuclear weapon on their own. The North Korea’s nuclear development process have surprised other countries, because they have got this far with their limited resources and supports.


Recently, India and Pakistan were accused of supporting North Korea with their nuclear weapon. These countries who have supported North Korea’s nuclear weapon will have negative influence in relationship between the United States, having bad relationship between the United States will not be a good thing to have when there is another World War.


Recently, the parade was held in Pyongyang, capital of North Korea, to celebrate Kim Jong Il’s 105th birthday. Kim Jong Il died several years ago by heart attack. The parade was exclusive, because it was being broadcasted on television. The parade showed many nuclear weapons such as ICBM, which can fire over the sea. The purpose of parade was not only to celebrate Kim Jong Il’s 105th birthday, but to show off their nuclear weapons to other countries.   


The North Korea have not officially declared war on any countries, but threatening them with nuclear weapon. Even Though North Korea have not declared war on any country, they are technically in a war with South Korea, which is also called the Korean War. The Korean War have started in 1950 and made a truce in 1953. This is also reason why the United States sent 28,500 military troops over to South Korea to prevent the unpredictable invasion of North Korea.


However, the North Korean government saw this support of the United States as a threat, which made them develop nuclear weapon to protect their country. It is also very understandable that any country would do the same thing if they are in same situation like North Korea. I think most of the news that are being released are not being perspective by North Korea’s view. In North Korea’s point of view is that benefits of having nuclear weapons are 1) guaranteeing security of the state 2) economic development and prosperity 3) gaining respect and prestige in the international arena.




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July 24, 2017 2:32 pm

i like the paragraphs you write about world war its true that in war a lot of people killed without any reason.i think you should more add about protecting your country

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