In the poem “Emotions” I learned that the poem has a very deep meaning. It has many rhetorical questions used to write the poem which is effective because they get you thinking and asking yourself these questions. Emotions are something that many people choose not to share. They wear a mask day by day hiding how they really feel. Anyone can put a smile on their face and pretend they are okay. The only thing is they are not yet no one knows because they are afraid that they will look weak if they express their feelings. Everyone should be able to let their emotions out without being labeled as weak. We all experience different emotions in our lives and should be able to express them because it’s normal. It’s part of our lives.

I think we should all be able to let our feelings out without being judged nor represented as weak. We all cry and all feel sad at one point. It’s normal. A phrase that stood out to me was “I feel too much… My insides don’t match up with my outsides” is a very deep and powerful quote. This is because I totally agree we can feel too much but don’t know how to express our emotions because we’re afraid. We need to be able to acknowledge what we feel and identify it to help us overcome the way we feel. Because if we ignore what we feel it will not help us at all our insides won’t match with our outsides. Meaning we will pretend were perfectly fine when deep down were in a dark deep hole with all our emotions and thoughts. Eating us up. Where slowly by slowly breaking more and more while on the outside while we wear a mask to hide from our real feelings. Where sooner or later you will feel empty and that is not good. Our emotions can cause us to take actions we shouldn’t, if you ever feel like your emotions are getting the best of you please find help because it’s okay to let them out. We are human it is normal we all do it.

Do you express your emotions? If so how? Or do you wear a mask every day to hide your feelings?

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