There is a growing concern for nomophobia all around the world. It is a phobia that describes a person’s nature to be stressed or upset when their phone is not with them. In an article from 2014, the US alone has 65% of people sleeping next to their phone. Keeping our phones near us for every minute of every day is troublesome. People who sleep near their phone have a tendency to wake up in the middle of the night thinking they heard a “ding” sound when they actually haven’t. Most people have gotten to a point where their phone is more important than the people around them. They would rather scroll through Instagram or TikTok than sit in the awkward silence. 

A study was published this year on January 16th on nomophobia. The three scientists on the project came to the conclusion that, “Young people exposed to intensive and irrational use of technology are only aware of the advantages it offers and are unaware of the risks they may suffer as a consequence… evidence has shown that nomophobia is closely associated with individual mental health, internet addiction, and behavior modification.” There is so much that we do not know about nomophobia but it seems apparent that there are consequences for relying on technology.