NO PETTING!! by Dulce

March 8, 2021



In the article ¨the dilemma, no petting!¨ it is mainly telling us how you shouldn’t pet a dog because the dog may not want that, they may not want to be petted by a stranger or maybe they just don’t like that in general. It is disrespectful for people to still pet a dog but not knowing that’s not what they want. Owners need to step up also and be honest if their dogs like to be petted or no because they should be able to know if they do or not.

What I personally think about this is that we need to think of dogs as humans also, we have our ways of thinking and we dislike and don’t agree with a lot of things. Animals should be given their privacy and should always be respected. A lot of dogs don’t like to be bothered or petted when they are doing such things like playing with a toy, eating, barking at another dog. I know that because I also have two dogs and they do not like to be bothered and neither do they like to be petted but they aren’t aggressive when it comes to petting but I just know they dont feel comfortable . I believe that a stranger should at least be consented before trying to pet their dog.

Would you want permission from a stranger to pet your dog or you wouldn’t mind?

What ways can understanding dogs privacy benefit us?