New Underground Railroad Sites in National Park Services by Ruendi

May 3, 2022


New Underground Railroad Sites in National Park Services

In the article, “National Parks Service Adds New Underground Railroad Sites” (McGraw Hill), I learned that in March of 2022, the NPC or National Park Service added 16 additional sites to the program that has 700 historic sites in 29 states and Washington D.C. that commemorates the freedom seekers and allies who were part of the underground railroad. They include plantations, cemeteries, memorials, safe houses, walking tours, and many more. Some sites tell the stories of specific freedom seekers and their experiences. It just shows where there was enslavement and historians estimate that about 100,000 freedom seekers managed to successfully achieve freedom between 1810 and 1850. 

I believe that this is something that should be taken into consideration and understand that history is being told and especially enslavement history. This is a great thing since now national park services are taking into account why slavery is a huge part of U.S. history. Now knowing that these national parks have put up these sites, people will understand what slavery was and how it impacted millions of people. 

Do you believe that putting up these sites is a good or bad thing?