New State Voting Laws by Alexis

October 18, 2021


New State Voting Laws

In the article, “States Attempt New Voting Rights Laws” (McGraw Hill) I learned that to be eligible to vote, you must first become a registered voter. Along with this, depending on the state, you must either register yourself several weeks or days before an election, turn up at polls with your ID, or vote from home. In Texas, they have set voting restrictions such as eliminating drive-thru voting and overnight early voting hours. Apart from this, limitations were also set on who could and could not assist voters along with establishing ID requirements when voting by mail. Some say this helps prevent voter fraud but others say that it would make it harder for African Americans and Latino Americans to vote because of the voting methods. In North Carolina, they require a photo ID to vote. Although this could help prevent voter fraud, it also discriminates against voters of color because they are less likely to have a photo ID. Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., Congress is trying to pass a new law that would give the federal government increased control over elections.

Do you agree or disagree sith these new voting laws? Would these new laws affect your eligibility to vote?

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I think that with the implementation of these new voting laws, voting fraud would be able to be prevented, but at the same time, I also believe that they should inform and assist voters who may not be aware of these new requirements. The main reason why someone doesn’t vote especially when it comes to those of color is that they don’t know how or where to register and vote. For this reason, the state needs to have some sort of control over the elections as they are the ones who are more familiar with who vote and who don’t.