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In the article, “The Future of Meat?”, discusses how there’s a new way to produce meat and is beginning to be introduced. This process is an animal cell that then is developed into muscle that is then grown into meat, all done in a lab. It can also be referred as “cultured meat”, little by little, companies are slowly getting approved for this new way to produce meat. The first company to have gotten approved was The San Francisco-based start-up Eat, a couple months back in October, 2020.

I find this very interesting, I would’ve never thought of meat being produced that way. However, it is a more eco friendly way to do so and would prevent anymore harm from animals such as chickens and cows. Instead, the cells would be collected from these animals and then are given nutrients to help it grow and develop. So basically, these cells eventually turn into a certain type of tissue that is similar to muscle.

Do you believe this is a better way to produce meat? Would you want this to be the future of meat?

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