Recently, I read Every Day, by David Levithan. I loved this book. This book was like no other book; it was different because in a way there was no protagonist. I have never read a story like this one and there was a movie made about the book and I watched it after having read the book but the book was so much better than the movie. The movie did not capture how the readers felt while reading the book truly. They did not capture how we loved ‘A’ even if they weren’t a person but a spirit. 

The protagonist is ‘A’. Their story is set in 2015 and it is set in whatever body ‘A’ is in for the day, specifically in Maryland. The significance of Maryland as the setting is that it’s a small town where everyone knows everyone but it’s not too small where ‘A’ was able to travel to see Rhiannon after having met her. The significance of the setting shifting from multiple different locations in Maryland is that it just shows what ‘A’ has to go through. They never know where they are going to wake up. It also helps ‘A’ to not get caught because they are allowed to wake up in a new place with new people around them. 

‘A’ faces certain forces and pressures. ‘A’ woke up in Justin’s body once and his girlfriend Rhiannon and ‘A’ believe they have a real connection with Rhiannon. ‘A’ spent an entire day with Rhiannon where they went to the beach and ‘A’ was able to tell that Rhiannon and her boyfriend Justin were going through a rough patch because Justin was not the greatest boyfriend. Usually after a day of spending it in someone’s body ‘A’ tell themselves to forget them and keep going and try not to save everyone because they don’t want to ruin or do something that the host wouldn’t have done. After having met Rhiannon ‘A’ cannot stop thinking about Rhiannon and their connection. They meet these forces and pressures by deciding to not forget Rhiannon and wanting to get in contact with her. ‘A’ wants to break their norms of getting over people to make it work with Rhiannon. You can see this early in the book on page 46. ‘A’ writes an email to Rhiannon.

The tension rises when Nathan wakes up after ‘A’ having taken their body for a day and went to a party and when Nathan woke up he believed that he was possessed by the devil to go to a party. This might leave a reader feeling sacred for ‘A’. The readers are left to be scared because we want ‘A’ and Rhiannon to work but because ‘A’ wanted it to work they broke rules and did not follow the true identities of their hosts to make it work with Rhiannon. Because of this now ‘A’ has been caught and Nathan is scared for his life and he wants to get an answer that he somehow found out about ‘A’. ‘A’ had been doing this for many years and many days but because of Rhiannon and their connection they were caught by Nathan who will not stop until he gets answers. 

The book climaxes when Nathan is desperate to meet ‘A’ and ‘A’ has no other choice then to meet Nathan and explain the situation which only Rhiannon and ‘A’ know. “Then I realize there’s one other person in the world who vaguely knows who I am. I check to see if he’s written lately. And indeed he has. There are now twenty unread messages from Nathan, each more desperate than the previous one, ending with; All I ask is for an explanation. I will leave you alone after that. I just need to know.”

The falling action ultimately resolves the conflict. Nathan and ‘A’ finally meet and ‘A’ explains everything to Nathan and he is more than understanding. Nathan wants to help and brings ‘A’ to Father Poole to help ‘A’ understand her.  It’s a spirit v. love and people type of conflict that’s driving this story. ‘A’ has never broken rules or the structure of them waking up in a new body everyday until they met Rhiannon and ‘A’ wants to make it work even if it’s under weird circumstances which is what brings Nathan in the story and having ‘A’’s whole story revealed to many.  

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