Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is a act that allows and provides internet websites to all be the same and at no cost by discriminating in letting some websites be priced in order to be used by daily users. Net neutrality rules and principles have allowed us to express how we feel about current events, people in the government and also be able to connect with the whole wide globe. The fundamentals of today’s social media/ internet use has been based and standardized because of net neutrality. Due to the principles set by the ISP, all websites have the same speed and providers such as, comcast, AT&T and Verizon are not able to make the internet slower for any user who goes online changing from google to youtube or any other website. We are able to fully use the internet because of these rules that had been set since the internet became a thing in the beginning of the 20th century.

Being able to stream live feeds, watch videos on apps and watch movies or express how you feel about an issue can all be limited due to the new act to that intends to repeal net neutrality. According to Gadgets Now– “Without net neutrality, the internet as we know it will not exist. Instead of free access, there could be “package plans” for consumers. For example, if you pay Rs 500, you will only be able to access websites based in India. To access international websites, you may have to pay a more. Or maybe there can be different connection speed for different type of content, depending on how much you are paying for the service and what “add-on package” you have bought.

Lack of net neutrality, will also spell doom for innovation on the web. It is possible that ISPs will charge web companies to enable faster access to their websites. Those who don’t pay may see that their websites will open slowly. This means bigger companies like Google will be able to pay more to make access to Youtube or Google+ faster for web users but a startup that wants to create a different and better video hosting site may not be able to do that.
Instead of an open and free internet, without net neutrality we are likely to get a web that has silos in it and to enter each silo, you will have to pay some “tax” to ISPs. “



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  1. Ed 3 years ago

    Dear Fred,

    Nice post. This is a highly pressing issue that everyone should be aware of and acting on. Net Neutrality defends our ability to spread our own ideas and view others’. By allowing internet service providers to prioritize and bottleneck information we’re giving free reign to these companies for the pushing of desired information as well as running us dry to have access to the internet, which should be free to all.

    The best thing we can do now to help convince congress to overturn the FCC’s vote through visiting and writing to congress.


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