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Nazi Human Experimentation


Is it right to treat and test humans the way the Nazi’s did? The nazi’s contucted painful and deadly experiments on thousands of concentration camps prisoners without their consent. This shows how the Nazi’s exerimented on people in a deadly way and they didn’t ask to they did it because since at that time they were a strong they thought that they could just do anything they wanted, but wrong because all those innocent people wanted to stay alive and didn’t want to get harmed.


To begin, this experimentation only affected affected Jewish people, the Nazi’s killed over 6million people in the world and some of those people due to the hands of their deadly and harmful experimentation. In one of the articles  from the Bio health called “Personal Statements from Victims of Nazi medical Experiments” I read that about a women being dipped in boiling hot water, and that it was a terrible feeling she said, “Each day I was submerged in hot water. Whenever I tried to put my head out of the water in order to breath I was forced back into the water by Dr. Josef Mengele’s stick. This lasted for 10 minutes”(Ms.G). This is important because because this talks about how these people were just treated like objects and test monkeys, and this experiment is pointless think about the pain this person was in when this was happening. The nazi’s should had given these people some type of anesthesia for them to not feel it. These 3 rules of R should of came in this proccess but the Nazi’s should never treat people like this never even if this was for research, they should ask for consent and if it would be ok for them to test experiments like this. The nazi’s wanted to test how would the body react to this type of temperature but the way they forced people and captured them to do this isst ok because this is taking away these people rights and everyone should be able to have their own rights and decide if they want to do something do not. Also the Nazi’s didn’t just test on people in such cruel ways they also wanted to change people’s ways  because they didn’t agree with them or they just hated that type of identity. “ Carl Værnet is known to have conducted experiments on homosexual prisoners in attempts to “cure” homosexuality”. This is important because the Nazi’s wanted to change a lot of characteristics of people not  just homosexulality but also other’s, Nazi’s hated Gay people, they thought it was a disease/illness so they tried to find a cure. This is also really opressive because the Nazi’s made so amy people feel like they were bad people, homosexuality is not a disease it is something that a person chooses to be it is a chosen identity, but the Nazi’s make it seem like something bad and harmful to people but like I said being Gay is a person choice. The way the Nazi’s treated people in this way is cruel they were just harmng yhe people when the Nazi’s tried to “cure” them but they weren’t crying anyone but harming people. It is not correct the anyone is treated because people should feel how they want to feel and be what they want to be without letting people harming them because this is dehumanizing. Another reason why it is never correct to test and treat people like the Nazi’s did is in the article ¨Personal Statement From Victims of Nazi Medical Experiments¨ which explains how the Nazi´s treated children an how they didn’t give them any food and any other resources the article explains, ¨In the camp where I was kept as a child, we did not receive any food for days. We cried out or food. Then the boss of the [camp] came to us children. He distributed various desserts to us children. After a couple of hours, we relied that something was not in order with the food. I got really sick and suffered from cramps, I threw up, had diarrhea, the chills, and fever¨(Mr.E). This quote matter because it shows how cruel Nazi´s were, they didnt seem to have any type of care even for children they would just let them suffer ad that not rights because everyone needs to eat and to be cared for. Also it isn’t ok to treat anyone especially kids, think about the suffering they had from this experience, everyone needs actual food not poison and need to be taken care of and these kids were also taken from their families and some of them had to watch their family and friends get killed because of the evilness and cruelty that the Nazi´s caused everyone. In conclusion, it is never ok to test or traet anyone the way the Nazi´s did because that is a lot of dehumanizing and your taking away a person’s life for insignificant reason a lot of these people were innocent and to me none of them deserved to die. The Nazi´s took away people´s rights and equality and felt like they could do anything and took people consent which all those things everyone should have.


Annotated Bibliography


“Nazi Medical Experiments.” United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, This article is about the Nazi experimentations and what kind of test they ran on people which were horrible and cruel. This article also talks about only things about the Holocaust and searching on more information about it. This source is credible because they have their own museum about this topic and now they made a website so they have their infor a website so its reliable.


“Personal Statements From Victims of Nazi Medical Experiments.” Claims Conference, This article is gives actual statement form people who were tested on that were survivors from the Nazi´s experimentation. This article also gives information about the holocaust and what was going on during that time. This source is credible because our teacher gave us this article to read and why would she give us a non credible source. Also this source is credible because this is .org so there is an organization about this and their would be no reason to give fake statements about this really important topic.


Tatchell, Peter. “The Nazi Doctor Who Experimented on Gay People – and Britain Helped to Escape Justice | Peter Tatchell.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 5 May 2015, This article is about a person who was apart of the Nazi Party which his name was Carl Vaernet and how he tested on Gay people thought being Gay was a disease. Also it gives other information about World War and Nazi experimentation. This article is credible because The Guardian is a well known newspaper article. Also this newspaper article has been around the 1800 and that’s a long time.


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March 23, 2018 9:36 pm

Dear Manuel Mercado

I love everything about what you wrote because it is true. It also explains the what the nazi’s did what they were doing their actions for. You state “The nazi’s contucted painful and deadly experiments on thousands of concentration camps prisoners without their consent” this is a good piece of evidence because it talks about how they did things without permission. And they put their prisoners in concentration camps. You don’t need to fix anything because there is no source of error and what you wrote is really good, detailed, and explainable.

March 23, 2018 4:12 pm

Dear Manuel ,
You have such a great writing voice ! I enjoyed reading your post on Nazi experimentations. I find It super interesting how all of experiments were done without consent and without any reasoning A question I would like to ask you is , do you believe that these experiments were ethical ? You talked about how it was unfair & unjust but is it ethical?
Thank you for your writing! I look Forward to reading your other posts !

March 23, 2018 7:43 am

Dear Manny,
Your blog post is very good, it has a lot of details which makes the reader understand a lot about the holocaust and a lot about the human experimentations. It can be very helpful to read these things for people who dont know which is why all the detail would be great. Something I liked about your blog was your analysis, your analysis was really good and didnt just summarize the quote but you actually typed why its important how it connects to to other things which is great. But overall your blog was really good.


March 23, 2018 2:41 am

Hey Manuel,
I just wanted to say you had a great post about the Nazi experiments but you had some errors. I was really amazed by your post it was just really breathtaking and touching. Hope you keep publishing more awesome work like this.

March 23, 2018 2:41 am

Dear Manuel,
Thanks for your writing. My history class is currently learning about the holocaust, however we didn’t focus much on human experimentation done by Nazis, so your article was helpful in understanding other inhumane things done on Jewish people.

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