I personally think that National Parks make the United States better. In the world today there is little amount of natural land, because people are always building and expanding. Natural Parks keep the sense of natural beauty alive. Who doesn’t love spending a three day at a national park? Not only are they a great learning environment, but they provide great opportunities to get exercise and get outdoors.

One of the biggest problems that lead into a debate is that national parks have several resources that we could use. According to thegaurdian.com there is cheap natural gas in the area of a national park located in North Dakota. Here a visitor cannot go anywhere in the park without seeing a drilling rig, an oil pump, a highway or cellphone tower. The national park feels like the parks clean air will be destroyed due to an increase of pollution from the drilling. Oil companies are trying to access the national parks land while the national parks  are trying to remove the oil companies so the land is more natural around the park. This is an issue where there are both positives and negatives to both sides.

Besides this specific issue there are several issues facing the national parks. One being the fact the national parks have several untold stories due to the lack of sharing the cultural resources preserved in the park. Other issues are crumbling history, wildlife management, foreign invaders, adjacent development, climate change, water issues, air pollution, transportation troubles, and visitor experience. All these issues the national parks face may damage its future.



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December 7, 2016 4:21 pm

Hi Ben i really like this article, although it is just an opinion i really like this article. I agree with what you said about national parks do make the world better. The national parks the earth unique and special.

November 28, 2016 8:49 pm

Ben, this is a great article. The national parks are a great asset in the United States and many people undermine the problems they are facing. It doesn’t occur to many that sometime in the future there may be no national parks. I think it’s great that you addressed the issues they are facing and went into a good explanation of the cons. I think to improve this paper and inform the reader better i would include the pros. Yes, you address the cons but I also think there could have been more information on the pros. Great article regardless.

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