Nap Break? by Andrea L

January 24, 2022


Nap Break?

In the article Naps at School (Upfront), I learned that there is a school in New Mexico that has allowed students to take 20-minute breaks whenever feeling overwhelmed during school hours that way they are never overworking themselves. By doing this students have said that they have been far better in school and that “it brings back vitality and grants you the peace of mind that you can continue the day without collapsing”. They explained how other states have thought of taking on this idea since they’ve noticed ‘the power naps being a big hit’.

I believe this is a great idea since students normally stay up late in order to complete school work hence their involvement in school or overall other life problems on the daily. By allowing them to at least have 20 minute naps every day, they will be able to excel further in school.

Would you take advantage of this resource if it was installed in your school?