What was your project about?

My project was about stopping school bullying and our action was that we made a drawing on our school wall in the hallway a place where people could see that our school does not tolerate bullying. I wanted this topic because I knew that I would not have to cite that many people because it’s something that we would really argue for not just get sources and analyze that. So this is one of the reasons why I wanted this topic. Also this shows that bullying is a big issue and that we should be more aware about it educate others that bullying is not okay. We thought that we would bring awareness by painting in our school hallway which is why we picked this as our upstander action!

What does an upstander mean to you?

An upstander for me means that others stand up for a big problem. I believe this because there are lots of problems in our world and we see and hear people or movements that are trying to make a difference. So those are some examples that for me is showing what an upstander really is.

What did you learn about yourself as a student/person in this project?

What I learned about myself was that I could be an upstander not just be like “oh bullying is a big issue and we should stop” no not like that I learned that as a young person I could do more so that is what me and my partner did which was make the painting in our school hallway because lots of people and staff are going to see it. I thought that this is small but it would make a change. Also,something else I learned about myself is that when I really try on a project I get a good grade which is what happened in this project.

What did you learn as an upstander?

I mostly explained this in the previous question but something else to add on is that we can do many other actions as well something else me and my partner wanted to do is to make another painting in the middle school hallway because when new students walk in our hallway we wanted them not feel scared but for them to feel welcomed and that they know that they are safe in our community.

What other actions would you like to take as an upstander for this issue or another issue?

I would like to build a presentation to educate middle schoolers because they are the ones who will face more challenges in that time because they will have to start getting used to our school and should know that our school does not tolerate lots of issues like bullying, fighting, or by not respecting others etc.

Any advice to other upstanders, students looking to create a change.

Some advice I have is to just be patient with whoever your working with or what your going to do because it all takes time and thought and most of all have fun!

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