My true feelings by Eros

December 3, 2019


My true feelings

  Dear Dee,

                    I am writing this letter to you at this very moment, because I just feel like is time to speak my truth and address the issues between us it is time to tell you what I felt every single time that, Mama put you ahead of me and made me feel like I was really nothing just like I was not capable of reaching  to the gold pedestal that she had you on. Even at some point our mom was such as a strong supporter of the descriptiveness idea that I was nothing compared to you. At some point she was so sure that I was literally nothing that she made me believe that I really was just a simple piece of a human being, while you just got all her love and admiration something that I never had from her. However, what really made me this way was the discourage that I was getting from you as my sister you never step up and stand to defend me from our mother reckless behavior towards me. Even though we never had the closest relationship as you now know and after our house burned down  to ashes and that accident happened with my hands it had not been the same, since then I feel like that not only we lost everything in the fire, but also we might have lost our love as a family having to deal with the heart wrenching notion that I was just not good enough to be treated like you was by our mother. Today, I still reflect on the idea that I am maybe not enough to be loved. Although, at some point I wanted to be in your shoes, I feel that at the end of the day our mother did give me something in life that is going to make me fulfill and reach all the potential that I have and that thing was resistance to all the negativity around me, because more than just be taken down by the negative it gave me strength and tools to make myself stronger and I thank her for all the times that she tried to make me feel that I was less than you but what she did not know was that she was just making me better than what you was through her eyes in some way or another.




Photo by Free-Photos (Pixabay)