For the second unit of technology, I had to create a website containing information about my school of prospective students. This project was definitely not quick or easy to do. It contained multiple pages of general information of Baccalaureate, schedules, teachers, classes, the IB Diploma and more. There were many steps to creating the style, finding out the information, and coding. This is how I managed to do it:

I started bye obviously learning the basics of coding html and CSS. I learned coding on style and size dealing with different layouts. Then I created a design of how a regular webpage would look about. It took me some thinking to decide what I wanted my project pages to generally to look like but I finally designed a sketch on google drawings. I got inspiration from other websites I have seen and the school colors. The navigation bar was planned to be vertical on the left side and light blue and yellow, like my school’s colors. I liked how a long vertical navigation bar looked on the website so that’s how I was inspired. On my design layout, there would also be my school’s logo right next to the navigation bar as well as a big title in blue towards the upper right corner of a typical page. I also included some paragraphs of text underneath that as well as some pictures. Though this was my envision, I was not my final product. I ran into some issues while creating my project, one of which is time. Because of some unexpected events, I missed a couple days of doing my project and that resulted in a shortage of time to do my project. I decided to include a horizontal navigation bar along the top and pictures on the bottom so I did not have to use trial and error for the placement of the pictures and text. It would save me time.

In addition to having a design plan to help my complete my project, I created a project plan as a accomplishment checklist to track my work for each day. The first four days of the plan were to just gather information. That was all going well until the weekend where I became so expectantly busy. I was planning to finish most of my coding but instead I did nothing. So I was worried and trying to catch up the next two days. This was resolved because my teacher extended the project since everyone seemed to think there was not enough time to do the homework. After that, everything went pretty well for following my plan and I finished my project pretty smoothly.

When I was creating my project, I was trying to follow my design sketch as best as I could despite the changes. I created a style sheet with almost the exact colors I used on my plan. I put in a font I liked. I created my webpages all together not one at a time because I thought it would be longer. For some of the coding I just copied and pasted to each html code because they were the same format. The work was not difficult because I was already taught and I had resources, it was just time consuming. I began with the layout like the title and subheadings. Then I added actual context of the school such as sample schedules, opinions, teachers, and clubs. Next I included three pictures to each page (except bibliography) and a in text citation at the very bottom. Finally, to finish off coding I made sure everything worked, added credits, and made sure the whole project looked aesthetically pleasing. My last step was to upload my webpage. I was challenging because I mixed a couple files but in the end everything was alright. To check out my website click the link:


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