I think it is important that every future teacher should have some philosophy. Whether they have it written out or as a mental note. For that philosophy, I think it is important for teachers to stay true to theirs. My philosophy would include showing all my students that everyone is equal in my classroom and that students shouldn’t be afraid to reach out and learn more.

Diversity and education are two important values in my philosophy. “Diversity is not an end in itself but the unity centered on the principles of liberty and self-government” (“Currently Reading: Diversity as an American Value”, 2018). “Citizens recognize the value of education, particularly during times of economic turmoil, which create an environment rampant with job insecurity” (Mackey, n.d.). When teaching I would hope to show my students the value of diversity and education.b

Diversity is important to me because it is who we are as a country. When I look around I can find someone of every gender, race, religion, ethnicity, etc. Growing up I didn’t really know what diversity was. My hometown is manly whites and blacks, and that is what I knew. Coming to Toledo was a bit of a culture shock because of the amount of diversity. I encounter diversity mainly University of Toledo’s campus. The university has students attending from all over America and the rest of the world. However, Toledo feels more like home than my home does. I think that is because I am surrounded by more people who are diverse, and it gives me a better sense of America as a country. Education is important to me because I didn’t think I would have been given such an amazing opportunity to further my education. I am one of the firsts in my family is leave home and continue my education. If my parents never wanted me to succeed more than them I wouldn’t be here.

Adding to diversity, I believe as an educator it is important to ensure students and citizens become effective contributors to democratic society is “numerous and more varied points of shared common interest” (Dewey, 1916). Meaning that you can come from a different background from someone but can share a common goal. I think this is important because everywhere in life you encounter those who are different from you. Some share the same goals as you and others don’t. This is important to me because I have many friends who have different majors than me, but our common goal is to graduate and be successful. Students and citizens need to be taught that it is okay if someone comes from a different background than you because they are going to encounter someone completely different from them but should still treat them with the same amount of respect. This idea would relate back to the American Creed Value of diversity.

Another point adding to diversity, I believe that as an educator it is important to ensure students and citizens become effective contributors to the democratic society is “freer interaction between social groups” (Dewey, 1916). Meaning that you shouldn’t stick to your social group because you are like everyone. That even though you come from a different background from someone else doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with them. This is important to me because in my friend group each of us come from a different socioeconomic background, however, we don’t let that stop us from being friends with each other. If anything, we embrace it. This is important for students to know because schools are becoming more and more diverse. You have students from all over sitting right next to you in class and students need to know how to be accepting with one another. This idea would also relate back to the American Creed Value of diversity.

Lastly, progressivism and social reconstructionism are two important to me because I believe it is important for students to be engaged and active in their learning, but also in the social problems that surround them. Students should be taught good study skills to succeed in the classroom but encouraged to seek out information about the topics they are interested in. My role as the teacher is to make sure my students are being engaged in their learning and providing them with the opportunities to future their education. The role of the students would be to make sure they are reaching out with questions and issues, trying to learn answers and figure out the solutions. I experienced these philosophies in high school. I really enjoyed chemistry, and my teacher would encourage me to do my own research about the questions I had. She even wanted me to write about them, so she could read what I learned.

My philosophy as a future educator is to make sure that students are aware of the diversity around them and how it can be useful. Students come from diverse backgrounds and are able to contribute many different things to the classroom. I would also ensure that my students strive to learn as much as they can. I would encourage them to be curious and seek out information to learn something new.




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October 23, 2018 8:41 pm

Your point of view is very interesting, I think solidifying a philosophy would not only benefit the teacher, but it might also clarify many things for the student. “Diversity is important to me because it is who we are as a country. When I look around I can find someone of every gender, race, religion, ethnicity, etc.” I really enjoyed this point because it capitalizes on the individuality of the student, which is a very important factor when teaching. By recognizing that every student is different, you are able to alter your teaching to the student which would benefit them immensely.

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