My Strong and Weak Points by Cristin

December 20, 2021


My Strong and Weak Points

The Habit of Mind, “Listening with Understanding and Empathy” is my weakness because I don’t pay attention to anyone when they are speaking face to face or even understanding what they are saying to me. I just sit back and say, “Yeah,” or “Uh-huh, okay.” They get especially mad at me If I don’t listen to the important things they are talking about because I just be lost in space.

How can I get better at this Habit of Mind is to make conversation with the person in front of me, avoid distractions. listen actively and refrain from criticism or advice-giving, paraphrase and ask open-ended questions, adjust my body language, use silence to my advantage. How can I improve my empathy? Challenge myself, undertake challenging experiences which push me outside your comfort zone. Get out of my usual environment, get feedback, walk in others’ shoes, examine my biases.    

“Creating Imagining Innovating” is my strongest Habit of Mind because I started to be better at painting, and, of course, dancing. I feel it is the genes from my family that were passed it on me. Not many people have creative on their genes, but me? I do because when I realized I’m good at dance or painting, I was just like, “Wow I am super creative and talented!”

How do I become better at these creative things? To start with sketches, begin with the basics, get some good pencils, pick out a wide selection of drawing pencils, select paper, observe, watch films, look at silhouettes, examine other peoples’ art and keep observing. How could I became better at dancing? Take lessons consistently. I’m not special. Some people think that they can get good without ever taking any dance lessons. Practice daily at home/studio, have a goal, feel your body, keep yourself inspired.