My Shadow Box

Kimberly Jimenez-Mendoza


Many people assume in a dominant narrative when I state “I love drawing”, the first thing that comes in their mind is traditional drawing. Me loving drawing doesn’t mean that I love traditional drawing, my counter narrative Is digital drawing. As you can see here this is my iPad Pro 12.9 and a digital drawing program called Medibang set up with it and shows that i’m pumped to draw. I’ve chosen to put a picture of me and my little brother together because many girls states that a “sister always loves a sister more than a brother” but with me it’s the opposite, I love my brother way more than my sister. What he does makes me smile more as my sister does, he’s really funny and I relate with my brother a lot. You’re probably wondering why are there plants in the Shadow Box? well it shows my love for nature and green plants. Normally all Male bodied people would say a girl would love flowers and roses the best. My chosen identity is loving plants not flowers. It’s like a green green plant if you gave me a venus fly trap I would be grinning and smiling happily. The bird in the back represents my love for birds the type of bird that I love is Eagles, If you see the shape of it shows a form of an Eagle. Those gems that you see near the Eagle have meanings they are not just there for decorations. The red, blue, green and purple gems represent my favorite colors mostly girls would say weird and bad things about green and purple. They are the least favorite color for girls but I love them to my heart, those colors match my own assigned identity and they matter to me. The gems that are silver states that “silver is better than gold” in my world. I have a reason why it states that for me but it’s complicated to explain why and it would a take an really long time. The black background states how I love dark colors and how mysterious I am. The flag next to the eagle is my flag the Guatemalan flag this shows how im proud of being guatemalan and that i’m glad to be part of it.

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Tahdaja Peters
April 18, 2019 6:19 pm

Hi Kimberly, I enjoyed reading about your shadow box! My name is Tahdaja and I am a student at San Jose State University. You mentioned being not as girly as the girls around you and I can totally relate to that. I was never as girly as those around me and I felt out of place, but I never wanted to act like I was girly when I really was not. Society makes us believe that girls only like pink and boys only like blue but that’s far from the truth. My favorite color is green and has been for as long as I could remember. I love how you like what you like no matter what people think. I am happy to see this information about you and I hope you never change no matter what people may think. Thank you for your time!

April 17, 2019 9:30 pm

Dear Kimberly,

Thank you for sharing this project with me. My name is Marielle and I am a student at San Jose State University. I noticed that you talked about not following things that are traditionally “feminine” such as not liking colors that other girls would like or liking plants over liking flowers. I really resonated with you feelings. I am also not into the traditional feminine things. My favorite colors are blue and green. I also really enjoy nature and would rather prefer being outdoors than indoors. A lot of times growing up, I was teased for not being “girly” and liking more traditionally male things. However, I never really let it get to me because I know who I am and I love the things that I love. I am glad that you were able to share those things with me. It also makes me really happy that you are proud of who you are. Thank you again for your time and I really enjoyed hearing from you!

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