My Routines by Agnes

May 19, 2017


My Routines

Daily Routines:

  1. I wake up at 7 am in the morning.
  2. I get up out of bed and go to the bathroom.
  3. *I go and brush my teeth and/or take a shower.
  4. I get ready for school.
  5. I brush/do my hair.
  6. *I grab a water bottle from the kitchen and head out the door.
  7. I drive to school around 8.
  8. I get to school and would spend my day there until about 3:30pm, 1:30 on a Wednesday.
  9. *I get picked up and would either to East Palo Alto or home after school.

Going to EPA after school:

  1. If I end up going to EPA, I would arrive there around 4:20-30pm. On a Wednesday around 2:20-30pm.
  2. Pick up my mom at 5pm and drop her back off to work at 7pm.
  3. I would go to the YMCA, stay at church, or at a family house.
  4. *I would stay in EPA and wait for practice around 7:30ish pm until 9 or 10pm.
  5. *After practice, I would try to do some of my school assignments and wait until 11:40pm.
  6. *Then I will leave EPA and head straight to the airport to pick my brother. He finishes at 12 midnight.
  7. *I would head home, and arrive to my house around 12:35am.
  8. I would come back home and head straight for my bed and knock out.
  9. I would sleep until 7am all over again the next day.

Going home after school:

  1. If I ended up going home, I would get home around 3:50pm. On a Wednesday, around 2pm.
  2. I would get home and eat.
  3. I would take a shower.
  4. Change
  5. *Be in my room doing make up work or watching tv shows.
  6. I would go back to the kitchen and eat again.
  7. *Come back to my room and sleep or clean my room.
  8. *I would go to the living room and talk with my family.
  9. *I would go back to my room and sleep.
  10. I would sleep until the next day.

P.s. it all depends what is going on on that day.

There are 11 controversies that I found from my list.

I would head home and arrive at my house around 12:35am.

I have no choice when it comes to practice and going to EPA. I would always have to go because of my mom. But the downfall about going to EPA is that I would always have to wait until midnight and then be able to come back home. I sometimes do not have all the things I need in order to do work from school like a laptop or something. And practices usually drain me out because we will sometimes finish late and I just get too tired to do anything. So yeah I do not get work done that often which sucks for me because that will just get me another failing grade than I already have. Sometimes I even have performances after school to attend to. So for that night no work is being done. But if we don’t have practice, I would still wait until midnight to be able to come home. I hate it. Sometimes I enjoy it because my mom would sometimes be off from work and I get to spend time with her, because I usually see her on the weekends  and then she would go back to work. She works all day, everyday. My family barely get to see her only when she has a night off, than we will see her. Coming back from a place far from where you live mostly everyday is pretty overwhelming because it just get your whole sleeping schedule messed up and so you don’t get enough sleep. Just to wake the next day and do it all over again. But I feel like if you can just stick through it for the sake of yourself, you can get through some hours of sleep and getting work done. You just have to be committed.