My whole response to racism in general is why? Why are people coming to violence because of this discussion? Why can’t we all set aside our differences and get along? From what I’ve been reading and watching from this topic is nothing but negativity. Certain children aren’t allowed to play with other children their age because of the color of their skin, or they’re afraid to bring their friend to their house because their family is all white. I just find it completely messed up, but what’s even more upsetting is African American families are teaching their children about racism early and are telling them what to expect and what not to expect.
Another thing I’d like to make is why aren’t we teacher kids about race at a younger age? Why does it have to be only certain kids be taught what to do when you’re said this or when you’re asked that? It just doesn’t make any sense. All children should be taught about race not most all, and all children should be taught to be a little more open minded about other races instead of their own race. Seeing what I saw about children and how they saw in this one picture was saddening. More Caucasian children are negative then African-American children because of family experiences or there family not being acceptable and it’s just saddening.



  1. Zane 3 years ago

    When I saw this topic I was very interested in reading your views. Sadly I was not impressed and or understanding what you were trying to say. This is a very controversial topic and I am glad to see that we are getting behind a stance to stop racism but we need to sound more educated, give either real world situations, and or facts. If you correct your grammar and show facts to your claims I believe you can make a great argument.

  2. Ajanai 3 years ago

    Racism will always be in life, but it’s peoples choice is they want to be racist or not. It’s not fair for those who are going through that on a daily and others just stand for the racism and think it’s okay. It is not okay, because as a African American we have been dealing with this whole racist thing for centuries and we want a change, or we can at least try to change our perspectives on African Americans.

  3. jemima 3 years ago

    To answer your question racism is just part of like no matter how much awareness there is for racism it will always be there.

  4. Jackelyn 3 years ago

    One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was: ” What’s even more upsetting is African american families are teaching their children about racism early and are telling them what to expect and what not to expect.” I think this is very tragic because of how society has developed.

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