My Representative Shadow Box by Alex

October 4, 2017


My Representative Shadow Box

Artist Statement

Alejandro Lopez

This Shadow Box represents my life and how I love the things I have or what was already assigned. The objects that are in my box also are what I love to have and love to play such as soccer or Mexican objects that represent me as a person. The soccer field that I have in my Shadow Box is of how much I love the soccer field and love to play on it. One of my chosen identities is to be a soccer player. Also, both of the pictures that are in my Shadow Box are of how I was before as a little person. A person can hardly see that I am Mexican because I am light skinned, but I am still Mexican but was born here in the United States. My race is Latino, my ethnicity is Mexican, and my nationality is American. But I’m Mexican because my dad was born in Mexico. A lot of the things that are in my Shadow Box are based on Mexican objects such as the money, the flags, and the candy. The two necklaces that are in my box are from a very beautiful place in Mexico called, Puerto Vallarta. It’s very cool and good looking there because the beach is so beautiful and the sand is so hot and the water is warm. I got the necklaces from a shark tooth figure in this one cool store and the shark tooth figure on the necklace is made from stone and the other necklace is from crystal. Then the shinguard in the box is how much I play soccer and how much I love to play soccer.