My reflection on Shakespeare by Pablo

April 17, 2017


My reflection on Shakespeare

Some reasons why Shakespeare is studied today because the text in the book has so much meaning each word can have a double meaning you have to dissect each line and understand the meaning of it.The video that’s says it changes young people’s minds, I agree with because every time I read something I dissect the text to get a better understanding of the plot.My reactions are at first they were going to deep into the subject but it was necessary because this topic is so complicated.Im currently studying Act 5 scene 1 Cyprus in Othello.A ┬ástrategies I use are dissecting the text and annotating the text for a better understanding.Im Very confident with the language I use shakespeare made easy.I feel pretty confident with the language because because at first I didn’t know if I was gonna pass this book, but as I was continuing to read I learned new strategies .