Hello!! My name is Crystal. My partners, Rena and Julianne, and I are on a journey to stop animal cruelty and make sure animals are getting the treatment that they deserve. The overall goal of my project was to get abandoned/strayed animals off the street and educate other people about animal cruelty. From February to May, we try to expose our followers to many types of animal abuse in our blog posts. In addition, we try to keep our audience interested by posting memes and videos. Our project was semi-successful and we hope it continues to grow.

Our project was semi-successful as it was able to gain exposure and have people learn from our blog posts. Our petition has over 140 signatures and it is superb since we didn’t think we would get that many signatures. In addition, our blog has been pretty widespread as there are readers from United States, United Kingdom, Philippines, Cameroon and Nigeria. In total, we have gotten 270 views exactly on our blog. However, our blog hasn’t received as much recognition as we would like as we have on average about 5 views per post, however, the majority of the post only has one, two or three views.

As we continued to promote our blog on our social media, I believe that we attracted less people as it may have been repetitive because in the beginning of our journey, we have gotten more views than we do now. For example, the “Meet the Author” posts have 5,7 and 10 views respectively. In contrast, our most recent post “Declawing Cats” has only received one view. Though we are not doing incredibly well, in the span of three months, we were able to gain 24 followers and 75 visitors.

Ultimately, our project was semi-successful as we were able to have a widespread audience that read our blog and signed petitions. In addition, we were able to educate people about the topic of animal cruelty through informative blogs or entertaining medias. If I had to do this project again, I would like to be more interactive with my audience and give it more exposure on social media because I believe that it would make the audience more engaged and knowledgeable about our topic. Additionally, I would want to focus on a specific topic as animal cruelty is very general and we don’t know exactly the specifics of each topic which may have cause a disinterest for the audience. Overall, this project was an superb and fun experience and I am willing to do this again.

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