My project was about Global warming affecting humans(Climate change). My teammate and I we were interested in this topic because there is a lot of stuff happening with the Climate Change that people don’t even pay attention so we wanted people to know and let them be aware of how our world is becoming. So I think my teammate and I did some effectiveness in our topic because we work as a team even though she was absent I was able to complete the whole trifold on time. So the first movem we did was we made fliers and we post them up all over the school   We also went to an advisory and present to them about climate change. We talk about if we don’t take care of the planet the temperatures will rise higher and the world will be flooded. We also did two activities that made the students really happy and they loved the presentation. Our last movement is presenting to people and make people aware of how our world will be if we don’t take care of it fast before it’s too late.

Being an upstander to means standing for what’s right. And by doing that is doing movements and speaking up. Also, to inform people about the topic.

I learned that I can do stuff even on my own even  though I overthink it but end up doing it good and proud of myself.

Something I learn is that you actually can get what you want by talking to people and giving them information about the topic you want.

I will be uploading on my instagram @1stopclimatechange so I can tell people that see us be updated about my topic.

Advice to the people that want to speak up for something they really want go for it because I know you can do it and make people aware of whatever you want them to know.

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May 14, 2019 7:26 pm

This topic is extremely interesting, but it is highly political and that can easily make people refuse to talk to you. So, titling your Instagram as stopclimatechange can really put people off of you message. Also, I would say that you should probably have much more information on your poster. If you are going to convince people to change their opinions, you need to first convince them that they are wrong and then you need to help them to adopt your ideology, and there is a lot of information on climate change that a lot of people don’t know. This article is really good about explaining things in a non-partisan way and I think that it has a great basis in explaining global warming as simply a fact without looking down on those who don’t believe in global warming.

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