Working with Al in Youth Voices is a transformative experience for students and writers like myself. It encouraged me to use my critical thinking skills and empowered me to engage with complex topics in new and innovative ways. Through the use of Al tools and technologies, I am able to explore a wide range of perspectives and ideas, while honing my analytical and creative skills. By collaborating with Al, I uncovered new insights and perspectives and developed more nuanced and sophisticated arguments. Additionally, working with Al has helped me to think more critically about the ways in which technology is shaping our world, and to become more informed and engaged participants in the digital landscape. The use of this specific technology has opened up new horizons of knowledge and creativity and has provided me with personal and intellectual growth. I really enjoy using this tool, but at times it can get confusing. Especially when we first had to use it. Trying to navigate all the different settings confused me very much. But asked my classmates for help and they were able to navigate me. I love making AI images. That is my favorite part about AI in Youth Voices. Overall, working with Al in Youth Voices has helped me develop skills by facilitating research, fact-checking, creativity, and ethical reflection.


For students and writers like myself, working with Al in Youth Voices is a transforming experience. It inspired me to exercise my critical thinking abilities and gave me the tools I needed to approach difficult subjects in fresh and creative ways. I may explore a variety of viewpoints and ideas while improving my analytical and creative skills by using Al tools and technologies. Together with Al, I discovered fresh viewpoints and insights and created more complex and sophisticated arguments. Working with Al has also improved my ability to think critically about how technology is transforming our environment and to participate more intelligently and actively in the digital sphere. It has expanded my horizons of knowledge and creativity and allowed me to advance intellectually and personally. Although I absolutely like this tool, there are instances when it can be confusing. Particularly the first time we had to use it. I had a lot of trouble navigating all the different settings. however, I begged my classmates for assistance, and they were able to find me. I enjoy producing AI graphics. My favorite aspect of AI in Youth Voices is that. Al has enabled research, fact-checking, creativity, and ethical thought while working with Youth Voices, which has all helped me grow as a writer.

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