Am I a good mother? This question is difficult to answer, though there are mothers all around me. Society defines a teen mom as someone who doesn’t finish high school. In fact a friend once told me after I told him I was pregnant, “you’re not going to finish high school. You’re so dumb, and you will probably never be anyone in life.”

     To the society that thought I would not finish high school, I put my head up. I knew if i had a kid, it would not ruin my plans in what I want to be in life. I know many people had thoughts in their head that if I got pregnant I would not finish high school. Something I promised to my mom when she found out I got pregnant was that no matter what people say, I will finish high school. So i promised that to my mom and I also knew that I would be a good for my baby and me. If you have met my baby, you will know that even though I’m a young mother he is not mistake for me. He is the inspiration in what motivated me to keep on studying and to try my best.

    Being a good mother can also be when you see your baby sick you obviously you have to take him to the doctor. You know when your baby is sick you have to give him his medication when time indicates. A good mom needs to pay more attention to your kid then normal. Also you have to have patience and understand that your kid going to be fussy and whiny when he is not feeling good. Think of how exhausted and stressed out I would be when my kid is sick. While my kid and their health and comfort are a top priority, it’s worth noting that when my kid is sick, you’re also miserable: They’re not sleeping so you’re not sleeping; They want to be held so it’s almost impossible to get anything else done.

     A mama bear needs to stick with their kid whenever they’re facing a consequences and never leave them alone.  Mama bears always have to try to have this “bestfriend talk”. When they are feeling sad try to make them laugh.Put courage in what they are doing and know that you may face difficult problems in which we will fix. But, as his mother, I will always stick by his side no matter what .Im just try be they best mom my son could have .

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