My message behind my shadow box by Paola

October 4, 2017


My message behind my shadow box

Artistic Statement

Paola Hernandez


Hey my name is Paola and thank you for thanking your time to read over this statement.Im from Life Academy high school i’m A freshman. This shadow box represents my objects which are my identity, culture,family. When people see me they think I’m an immigrant but it’s not true I’m Mexican and American.I was born here and my parents were born In Mexico. In my shadow box, my race is important because I’m representing my culture by adding  flags of Mexico and America. And that shows how much I’m proud to be who I am. I am Latina too when people look at me is based on my skin color and think Latinas are not going to be succeed in life .But actually I’m different from what people assume of me I do want to go to college and have a good job. I include my assigned identity which is female because I really love who I am and because I feel like im so unique. The reason why I put the popsicle sticks is because my objects represent the goals i have or what i’ve experienced.