Art by Jordan Mitchell

Black Wall Street we are thankful for the historic deeds and tales that you have left us with,
Though you are gone we have not forgotten all of your glory,
You inspire so many Black Kings and Queens such as myself to work hard,
You have taught us the beauty in the struggle, 
The sunshine behind all the clouds,
And the rainbow at the end of every storm. 
Folks such as hateful and spiteful as them didn’t deserve you, 
they envied what they could not take or steal from the beautiful black community, 
So they burned it without knowing that your beauty did not come from the store or the building but so much as from the people, 
They brought love and success to the community, 
Though the buildings gave them a place to work and try to succeed they brought life into them just by simply being there
I too desire to be as big and mighty as you,
To be set free in an environment where I am not a stranger but I am a part of the puzzle, 
We black folk should stick together but yet we change and have strung from the past,
Working for the man who set upon our downfall from day one, 
I am not to judge but to prove their fraud and rekindle what is lost but always in our hearts, 
This is my ode to you, Black Wall Street. 

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April 5, 2024 4:20 am

This is very good and very creative. I hardly hear or see anything related to this topic so the title made me interested. I found this to be very powerful and real and I love the fact that this is an Ode which brings a deeper connection to it.

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