My Life in La Troncal, Ecuator by Kerly D

January 28, 2020


My Life in La Troncal, Ecuator

I am made of yellow and orange house 
On a quiet street in La Troncal, Ecuador
Living with my grandmother, my sister, my brother, and my mom listening to Sam Smith songs
My room is very big and colorful 
My dad always tells me, “Take care of yourself” 

I am made of together with my sister have a chicken sandwich for breakfast 
My father always says that when I leave school I call him 
I always wait for the 53rd  street train R to arrive 
the school where I study is very large and red 

I am made of dance class in Ecuador, 
Where they teach you to respect each other,
Where the teacher twirled and we watched,
Where I won a prize for my salsa dancing and other moves

I am made of my parents, my grandmothers, my brothers and my uncles
We always support each other despite all the problems we have
The distance between New York and Ecuador, 
Between me and my mother, my grandmothers,
We always tell ourselves that “te quiero mucho

I am made of a girl playing on the large rocks 
next to the blue ocean
A red and white Ferris Wheel 
and Roller Coaster behind the boardwalk
People standing on the soft beach,
children with their parents 

I am made of “Strive to learn the English language”
And “Do not be afraid of what people around you will say.”