My name is Eliza. My Dad is ¾ Italian and my Mom is a mix of a bunch of places in europe. Both of my parents lives started very local, my mom was born in Brooklyn, New York and my dad was born in Queens, New York. My Dad and his family stayed in Queens, as he grew up there, but my Mom on the other had lived a more nomadic lifestyle. At the age of two she moved to Connecticut. She lived there with her father, mother, and sister for three years. Then she moved to Stockholm, Sweden. She spent the rest of her childhood going back and forth from Connecticut and Stockholm. My Dad attended college and majored in English, my Mom attended college and majored in History. 

I was born in New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York in 2005, both of my siblings were also born in this hospital. At this time, my older brother and my parents were living in a small apartment building on 17th street that we like to refer to as “stinky hall” because of the strange, mysterious smell. I’ve since moved to a nicer apartment, that doesn’t have an odd smell. My parents wanted me to start school of right so they sent me to the 14th Street Y. I was there for about two years, then I went to PS 40 for elementary school. Once I graduated from there I went off to MS 104 for 3 years. 

For as long as I could remember, I was going to the same day camp every summer, which I thought I loved. When my mom told me I was going to sleepaway camp for 2 weeks instead of my day camp I started balling. The idea of being stuck with strangers for 2 weeks without any contact with my parents appalled me. To my surprise, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I met all of my closest friends there, I’m so glad my mom made me go. Some things I love besides camp is listening to music, its my favorite pastime. Just sitting with my headphones relaxing, it’s so much fun. My family consists of my mom, my dad, my younger sister, my older brother, my friend N. from New Jersey, my best friend M. from ohio, and my two friends from school.

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October 1, 2019 1:15 pm

Hi Eliza,
I really enjoyed reading your introduction to your life. You shared some very interesting points about your life that were so intriguing to read about. When you introduced your family to us and told us a little bit about your parents background and your siblings, it made me connect to you by learning a little bit more about you. I also found it interesting how you told us about your interests and hobbies at the end. One thing I would suggest is maybe not jumping around so much in the last paragraph. I feel like a lot of information was put into that one paragraph that could’ve been spaced out a little more, so the reader can learn a lot about you but not feel like they’re just reading facts. Very well written, great job!

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