My Immigration by Muyar Khant

July 12, 2018


My Immigration

My name is Muyar Khant Naing.I’m from Myanmar(Burma). Now I live in New York. My family won the lottery. We immigrated to New York last year. It’s takes 24 hours to reach New York with a plane from my country. I’m in 10th grade. I’m studying at the International High School for Health Sciences. I have to learn six subjects in my school- Math, English, Science, History, Art, CTE, Reading and Gym. We have also advisory time.

I like to read books at school when I’m free. When I’m reading book,I forget about problems. At home I usually watch movies when I’m free. My favourite subject at school is Math. Probably it may be difficult for some students but for me it’s not that much difficult.sometimes it is confusing but  solving math problems make me relax.

Our family came to New York because there is a better future for all of us. And there is a better economic system. I want to be a doctor in my future. It will change my life really if my dream come true. First,I have language problem. It is really difficult to communicate with people who speak English so fast because I’m the beginner. But speaking with people makes me more confident. There are positives and negatives because when we came to New York everything is good but there is no family time in american life. Everyone goes to work and school and then go to sleep.This is the reason  I am disappointment with New York. Anyway New york is one of my favourite place and i hope it will help me in many ways.

And there is justice in New York for everyone even you are employee or not. We get more opportunities in education or in economy. In some country including my country, sometime there is no justice for employee or the poor man. For example when the economy is down, the owner give small amount of salary. Our country is an agriculture country but there is so many farmers that there are no jobs.The president took their farm.But they still have to work for them .This is the injustice from my country.