This is a very sad experience because I had to leave everything behind, for example, my family. I need most of all my mother and my brothers. I left everything for better opportunities to study. I remember that before I left, I told my mother that we would soon be together.  This experience has taught me to be humble because I had to ask for food from the motel . But sometimes we did not have food and we had to sleep on the ground or in the streets of Mexico. My story or my past every time I remember it, I feel sad because I had days when I wanted  to return. I was very cold and the train was very dangerous, but I thought about my family and my future; it was my priority. Dark days passed because I did not eat. I had to be careful with bad people because if I was not careful, they might kill me or they might take all my money away. It was very difficult to see raped women, babies crying because they were hungry.

My experience of immigrating in this way has changed me.  I am very strong and humble because everything I see on the road children without eating crying because they had single mothers without the support of anyone leave the reason why I am more humble is because I spent several days without eating, sleeping in the streets.  Now I am starting to think that nobody is better than anyone; we are all the same, only that there are people with opportunities and others not and I wonder if it is a punishment. I am stronger because going through places that I did not know was difficult. What happened in some communities or countries was that people would feel scared when they looked at me and said why is your color like that? Children asked me where I was from.  I saw some poor people in these communities and I helped the poor people by giving them some money. I don’t want anyone to live like I lived.

Justice is when people speak up for and help people who need physical safety and security.  The things I saw on my journey are unjust because the children of single mothers live this life.  Why does the government in Central America and other countries not support these poor people? I think the people who want to immigrate from Honduras to the  US should be very careful on the road and in the people you trust. I think the Government of Honduras, Mexico, and the US should have more security and not have corrupt police who sell immigrants to bad people along the way and should consider why we are also people. People who live in the US should help people when they arrive in this country because they have nothing when they arrive. For example, they should give immigrants  shelter, clothes, food, and if they have an extra job for that person because the purpose of that immigrant is to overcome and help their families in their country.  

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June 3, 2020 11:46 pm

Dear Joshua, Your post was touching. I feel your pain of struggling. I never felt the pain of hurt that much but I heard you. I also have starved before. I know that pain. This is a heart touching story and i know this will always be a reminder to keep your head up.

May 15, 2020 6:10 pm

Dear Joshua,

I am glad that you shared your story. Most people do not realize how challenging life can be as an immigrant. You went through it and now you help others, the less fortunate, because you know what they are going through and understand the why it is necessary to help them.

January 29, 2020 5:00 pm

Dear Joshua:

I am excited by your post, “My immigrant Story,” because you went through a lot just to have a better life. I think you are very very strong for going through all that. Not having food or living on the streets makes you stronger because look now you have more things and help other people. I love how you say you help people on the streets because you already went through that and you don’t want them to be there in the streets too.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I saw some poor people in these communities and I helped the poor people by giving them some money. I don’t want anyone to live like I lived.” I think this is great because you help people who need it. It’s good that you’re so generous and kind because that makes you stronger as a person.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I like this type of history. They make me very touching. They make you reason a lot.


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