I remember

I remember picking up my first basketball
I remember playing with my cousin’s outside
I remember playing my first pick up basketball game at the knickerbocker park
I remember my first pair of Jordan 5’s “Fire red”
I remember when I was a kid dunking on the mini hoop
I remember going to Sky Zone with my friends and seeing who could do the best dunk on the hoops
I remember meeting my friend on PlayStation.
I remember my poor vocabulary as a kid
I remember going to six flags for the first time and going on the steep roller coaster.
I remember listening to J. Cole for the first time
I remember the first sneaker that got me into the sneaker world.
I remember going to Santiago in the Dominican Republic for the first time as a kid.
I remember watching Dragon Ball Z  for the first time and how I thought the anime was so entertaining and cool.
I remember playing Call of Duty Black Ops as my first call of duty ever on PS3
I remember playing my first NBA 2K which was NBA 2K11 on the PS3