I found a website, http://www.workinsports.com/blog/want-to-be-an-nba-general-manager-here-are-10-potential-career-paths/ , that explains how each General manager for the nba started out. My goal to become a GM will include getting my law degree like the GM for the oklahoma city thunder Sam Presti who earned a degree in law, communications, and politics.  After college my goal is to try and get an internship with a nba organization like Golden state warriors GM Bob myers who started as an intern and worked his way to the top.  There are multiple ways to become a GM the whole thing is becoming noticed and going out of your way to get the opportunity. In most cases you will need to start as an intern doing the little things but as you move up you will reach your final goal. This is how I believe I will become a GM but maybe a little quicker because I will try to earn my law degree which should give me an easier path to get noticed and to get the opportunity I am looking for.

This website also tells of how each of the GMs had some sort of connection to basketball and had an act for seeing talent and enjoy watching and learning about the game of basketball no matter how old they get. In my personal opinion I love learning about the game and I feel like I have a good eye for noticing upcoming talent and even if I don’t I believe that with watching the game and observing new players and the styles they play with I feel like I can have a good future being a general manager. I am willing to start from the bottom and work my way up and hopefully the bottom i start at would be an nba scout. But in the end I just hope I have a future revolving around basketball and being a GM is how I feel like I can reach that goal.

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