My Father by Darlin

January 2, 2018


My Father

Every time I look at my parents’ picture of the day they got married, I enjoy it because they educated me and gave me life to be in this world. I grew up with them. They are very important for me, even though my sister and my mom are separated from my father in the Dominican Republic.  My mom is already in the process so he can come.

This artifact evokes so many memories of my father, Marino: when he raised me, when he went to Domingo and I saw him, and finally when I was half years old, I spent  me vacations together with my dad. He took me out and everything, and I never missed anything of him. I went to holy Sunday every week.  I have been separated from my father for two years, ever since I moved to New York.  When I look at this artifact, I think of him. 

Transcript: He asks me what I am doing, and I tell him I’m watching TV. “aqui en viendo televsion”

I need him. I want him to be here. My dad is the person I love most in this world. It is difficult for me that my dad is not at my grandmother’s house on holy Sunday. My strongest memory that I have of my father is once when he went to bed and was watching tv, he did not realize that it was me behind him. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he gave me one too.

When I go to sleep every night I think about that the first time I came to the United States. I start to cry because I feel lonely and we need him. The day we came here I know he was sad. He is the best father. I need my father to tell me, “I love you and I’m coming soon.”