My family,

Is made of love and tears

Laughter and years

And grows stronger every year.


My family is like music

Filled with high notes,

Filled with low notes,

But always a

Graceful song.


My family is gold,

Nothing can buy them

And nothing can buy

Me away from the love

For my family.


My family helps me when I’m down

Lifts me off the ground

They are people, I can can depend on

If someone gets in trouble, they will defend

They are the ones who understand.


My family truly cares,

They don’t judge or compare

They’ll accept me, even if I’m wrong

Because our bond is the power of love.


My family has share special moments

Living in New York,

Meeting my mom’s side of the family,

Roads with blankets of snow,

Making and play fighting with snowballs,

Walking around New York City,

Streets filled with crowds of people,

Seeing all the tall beautiful buildings,

Eating the big tasty pizzas that

Only New York City has,

Those special moments where the best

When I look back, it’s truly divine.


My family has gone through difficult times,

The death of a special family member,

A grandfather and a dad,

Together we cried ocean of tears,

Our eyes swollen from all the tears

As we felt empty inside

It was painful,

It was hard,

But we knew he was in a better place,

Watching down on us with a smile on face,

His smile always in our minds,

Although he was gone

His spirit will live on each and every one of us

Forever till the day we die

Our family stayed strong

As he’d want us to not feel sad

We remained together

Stronger than ever

Because he will forever be in our hearts.


My family’s love is great to have in life

And even when they die in this earth

They would always live in our hearts.


My family love is never hidden

It’s always shown

Our love for each other is never impaired

They give unconditional love,

Strength and guidance

To anyone they know.


My family likes having family reunions

Because the reunion is a time to see each other,

A time to remember,

A time to share old stories ,

And a time to make new memories

Together we eat

Together we talk

Together we laugh

Together we dance

Together we celebrate

Our future as a family

The reunion is a coming together

That strengthens the bond for

Our Family

And reminds us of the gift

Of unity.


My family’s bond can never be broken

Even through a nuclear explosion,

If just one of us lives, we all live

Always and forever we are family,

My mom,







And me.


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March 11, 2018 6:43 am

Dear Lilian,
You’re an amazing poet. Your piece was strong and it flowed really good. I’m hella excited to see what you’ll write about next. Thank you for showing a side that isn’t always seen.

March 8, 2018 8:15 pm

Dear Lily,

I liked how you described your family. A phrase that stood out to me was My family is like music, Filled with high notes, Filled with low notes..” I liked it because you included both good and bad memories your family has gone through. It’s not always laughter and it’s not always sadness but with the support and love of people who are close to us, we can live through it. You also used a lot of figurative language which makes us know how you feel about your family and how close you are to them.
Thanks for writing.

March 8, 2018 7:04 pm

Dear Lilian, thank you for sharing this piece about your family it looks like you are really close to your family and even though you guys have gone through difficult moments. Your written piece is really similar to mines I am also really close to my family and I have also lost someone who I was really close to. One part of your piece that really stands out to me is My family is like music

Filled with high notes,

Filled with low notes,

But always a

Graceful song.

You used lots of figurative language and it made your piece very powerful, thank you for sharing this.

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