In my Humanities 9th grade, my classmates did a Upstander project because we wanted to spread awareness on our topic so we can have our community attention. My teammates and I were interest on the topic of Sexual harassment in the Workplace. My teammates and I were really interested in this project because this topic didn’t got that much attention and people were being a bystander by not helping victims to speak out. We were glad to be a part of the #metoo movement because we want to support victims of sexual harassment.

Being a upstander means to speak out and fight for your rights. This can also means to gather together as one so we can have more people to fight back. .Being a upstander means to spread awareness about the topic you want people to get their attention.

As a student I really learned about how to become an upstander and how to write a blog about a topic that is a issue in this community. I learn how to do research about my topic because I needed to find statistics and information about sexual harassment in a workplace. I learn how to speak up because in the past I was always being bystander because I was afraid to speak out about the problems surrounding our community. Now I can speak up for  people that are struggling with a situation.

Something I learn about being an upstander is that I learned more about activists that helped out with the movement #metoo. By this movement there was a lot of actors and models telling their stories about sexual harassment in workplace that happen during their lifetime. I also learned more about standing up and this open my eyes to understand the problems in this community. I’m really happy we did this project because we got to spread education to our community which people showed up to our presentation. The fact that my teammates and I got a lot of visitors learning about our topic were really surprised because they never really learned about this issue. They also liked our presentation and our movements we did to spread awareness about sexual harassment in a workplace.

The next steps I would like to take as an upstander is to post more in my  instagram @wesupportvictims because my teammates and I didn’t posted that much pictures about spreading awareness. I can also reply back to people that responded to our proposal about sexual harassment in a workplace because we need to answer their questions.

My advice for other Upstander is to keep speaking up for your rights. We are going to make a change if we don’t give up. Make sure to keep spreading awareness so people can have your attention. Also, make sure to change bystander people so they can become a upstander because we need a big community to fight for our rights. KEEP ON FIGHTING!



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