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I define my culture by saying sometimes the stuff we do can be crazy.  And sometimes you can find different ways that Mexicans live their lives – sometimes they’re religious, sometimes in groups.  But overall my culture is different from other ones because we have a different way of celebrating certain things that might seem different to other people.  example in my culture we would celebrate day of the dead in my mom would put pictures of her parents on a shelf and put bread and water as a symbol of respect for her parents


When I’m with my family, I celebrate Mexican style.  Christmas – here you give presents, in Mexico you celebrate the birth of Jesus.  They would make a nativity scene with a bed for Jesus, the animals…


With my american culture my dad when he was still with me I would watch american football and that’s all i would watch. Until he left i didn’t really watch sports until my step dad came to my life he introduced me into soccer so from the age from eleven i would only play soccer.  So i would just play soccer and that’s how I made some new friends in school because I would make new friends off of the sport. Because most of my friends play soccer but I also have these friends who i go to the movies with


My name is Axel Nolasco and my culture is mixed between the culture of my birth country U.S.A and my native country Mexico.  I am 15 and i live on my block church av and i play soccer with my friends most of the time and sometimes I will chill with my other friends around my block or a block near mine.

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January 5, 2018 7:47 pm

you should lower the music down a little cause i cant hear you speak

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