The fence you’re not allowed to see.

Hey there. I’m the bench in front of the school on the corner of 14 st and 4th ave. There isn’t much around here; all I get to see are tall buildings, kids playing around, and other things you don’t wanna know about. I often see the moon four days in a row. It’s pretty nice, very quiet, and peaceful. I am an asset because a group of people always gather around me to talk, some of them stand on me, that’s rude. They talk about life and things I don’t need to know about, the fence, and the school agree with me. Nevertheless, being close to the school makes it a safe place to gather, and adults have a good time talking to their friends, the kids enjoy running around during recess, and sometimes people sit down to take a rest while watching the sunset, or the moon with me. It’s a nice view.

The Free Soap Shop.

There’s a Laundromat in my community where people gather there to wash their clothes and to spread more gossip about what Fulano and Sutano did over the weekend. It never gets old, the decor, the big red thing that says free soap all day long. I’ve never been there in my entire life, I can’t tell you much, but it’s very cold inside. There’s also a lady, the Janitor who is always saying things about how nasty people are for leaving a mess. There’s also another human being helping people out with their stuff, there’s also someone who folds clothes for people who aren’t there, they watch/wash their clothes for them, you have to pay extra, tho. Do you know something funny, other than me describing this place without ever being there? Well, it says free soap, but they charge you for it, they charge you money for it. Funny, ain’t it? Oh, that’s a place where you can fall in love with people you’ll never meet again. That happened to my mom, only my mom wasn’t the one who fell in love. My mom met this guy, this guy who had a daughter who only liked me, asked my mom if she knew how to drive, and if she had a phone number, my mom said yes. They started talking, he confessed his feelings, and described them as Love at first sight. (I know right, nonsense). Anyways, my mom said no, and We never saw them again.

The Deli In Front Of My Building.

The Reyes Deli is in front of my house. This is an asset because it provides special/ important products to the community, and it’s a safe place where people can “gather” safely. I sometimes watch as people of all ages and sizes walk in: families, single people, couples, adults, teenagers, skinny, fat, short, and tall. Sometimes you’ll see grown men outside sitting on the bench. There are always people there, sometimes just one human, but there’s always someone. There are flowers in red, pink, yellow, and red, maybe orange and green. The flowers are in a combination of fake and real. They look nice outside. There’s a fence with the Mexican and the U.S flag hanging down from it, and a few bikes resting on the fence. They sell a lot of Mexican products, such as Mexican candy, and foods. There are also organic things. There’s a mini fridge that has ice cream and topoios, cones, and ice cream bars, of all flavors, such as strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, milk, and tamarindo. As you keep walking through, you’ll see other things like chips, bread, cookies, there are vegetables, cups, cleaning things, and so much more. In the bare back, on the wall there are cleaning products. Soaps for washing clothes as detergent, Zote in pink, and white, Bleach, Clorox, Blanca Nieves in pink and blue and Foca. There’s little towels to put in clothes to stop wrinkles and also so they smell nice. There is also soup for watching dishes, such as dawn, with the little duck, Ajalax, Gain ultra dish soap, Palmolive, Spark, Ecos, and many more.

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