What is important for you to know about me is that I’m a nice person, so responsible with things and I love to dance. I was born in Dominican Republic. I have lived in New York for 6 years. In school I like to do work to know everything I need to know and out of school I just like to be home in my bed all day using my phone. I’m very good at math. At first I didn’t like it at all but when I started to practice it and know more and more about it I became very good at math so I just love it. My plan for the future is to be a medical assistant. My dreams are to have a big house and have a lot of money from my career.

When I first immigrated to the U.S my life changed in so many ways, everything was different like, the food, the people, the languages. I didn’t like anything from here at all. My family structure didn’t change at all, just the language. My language is Spanish I love it’. I feel great to have that language in my life as my home language, but I don’t like English at all because sometimes it a little bit difficult for me to pronounce some things. Sometimes I don’t understand. I just think that English is very difficult for me. My Family and some of my friends have immigrated from Dominican Republic to The United States. My different cultural groups where I live interact with one another in the way we talk, on the way we do things. For example the main Dominican music is “Bachata”.  Americans don’t like that. The food is very different. My life is different from the life of immigrant in my community in the way that some immigrants come to the United States and they don’t learn the language from here and they are here years and years and they don’t learn it but I learned it I can speak the two languages, Spanish and English.

A couple of month ago I was in my country on vacation and I had a accident with my friend on a Motorcycle. I was driving it and my friend was on the back and in the next moment we were on the floor. I had a lot of blood on my body. One of my feet was a little bit broken. I couldn’t walk for about two weeks. It was unfair because I was driving in a good way and I didn’t even notice when we fell off the Motorcycle.  

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