“Seems I’m Full of Rage” by Omar

May 8, 2019


“Seems I’m Full of Rage”

So- My name’s Omar. I’m Dominican and Jamaican, but I was born in Presbyterian Hospital 15 years ago. Some important things to know about me, uhhh: I’m artistic, I guess? I like to write stories, even though I haven’t written one in a long time.  A turning point in my life was when I met my father. It was an important time for me, because after meeting him, I felt like I needed him, and I didn’t because it’s been seven years since I’ve met him, and I haven’t seen him since then. And I’m doing just fine.

In school, there isn’t much that I like, but I do enjoy writing poems. They help me release pent up anger, happiness, sadness – all that good-but-emotionally-draining kind of stuff, you know? I guess I’m also good at writing them, too. I also like to think that I’m good at arguments in Global debates.

Out of school, I like to – can’t stress this enough- sleep. I love to sleep, and I’m sure everyone does so that also doesn’t count, so instead, I’d say drawing. As stated before, I’m an artist, so I like to draw, read a bit, write, listen to music, but I’m not going to act like technology doesn’t play a big part in my free time. I’m also really good at drawing, or at least I think so. I hope so, actually.

I live in the Bronx, and as I’m sure you people may know, it’s not a very clean place- But once you’ve lived there long enough, you get used to it. My community is a very odd one, by the looks of it at least- But, as stated before, you get used to it. I was raised here, so naturally, I’m okay with it, but when I think of it from a different perspective, I hate it there. And I don’t mean to disrespect people that live there, I’m sure they’re great and all, but the Bronx is just… not the place for me. A lot of good memories can be made there. yes, but I’m sure they tend to be more bad than good.