My name is Angelina Marie. My father named me after the famous actor Angelina Jolie. I was born on December 4th 2004 in New York City and my horoscope is a sagittarius. My father is an immigrant he was born in Dominican Republic and moved to the US around the age of 6-7. My mother was born in New York city but both her parents were born and raised in DR. We all live together in an apartment uptown manhattan with my half brother Adrian.

I have a big family on my mom side because my grandmother had 9 kids and each kid had two or more children. However on my father side its not so big as my grandmother on his side she only had 5 children and only 4 out of her 5 kids have 2 or more children. I have 3 siblings but all are half siblings my mom had one child with her ex husband which was a boy and his name is Adrian. Then my father had two children with his ex wife he had a boy and a girl Carlos and Gabby. So technically i am an only child but we all act like we are full siblings.

I have been to 2 schools previous before the school i am currently in. One school was for pre-k and the other was for elementary and middle school. Now i am currently in a High School. I do an extracurricular activity which is Model UN and Cooking. So what i like to do is to sleep, eat ,my bed, watch Netflix and travel. I have travel to 4 countries  outside of the US. i have been to the Dominican Republic numerous of times. And i have went once to Puerto Rico, Haiti, and St, Maarten.

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April 3, 2019 1:25 pm

Dear Angelina, thank you for your peace of writing. You have such an interesting life. I love Angelina Jolie, and I’m so impressed your parents named you like her! That’s amazing. We have one more thing in common, I also like to travel! I hope you will travel to some other places. Keep writing!

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