These Close Reading is from Act 5, Scene 1

Quote: ‘’Yield up, O love thy crown and hearted throne to tyrannous hate! Swell bosom, with thy fraught for tis of aspics tongues[line 495-500] Analysis: To “yield” means to give up to pressure “Tyrannous” means to be cruel and oppressive“Swell bosom” refers to othello saying to fill his heart with hatred✅“Aspics tongues” can mean to be bit by a snake so othello heart can be full of poison and snakes venom.✅In the quote it means how othello is.Yield to say that being pressure and the love he has for desdemona is being pressured by Iago to give away.  ✅ And to be tyrannous is when Othello has cruel and oppressive feelings which mean how he feel  for desdemona he want to get that feeling be poison and have it take away from his heart. The swell bosom refers to how his heart will be filled with hatred and anger. ✅The aspics tongues refers to how he wants the poison in snake venom which can kill him to fill his heart because of hatred and anger he has toward desdemona.It also references to the Biblical story of Adam and Eve how the snake tempted them to take that fruit from the garden and eat it✅. In the Act it shows how othello wanted the snake to bit him so he can feel the venom and take feeling away. [½]

Quote: “This argues fruitfulness and liberal heart Hot, hot, and moist. This hand of yours requires A sequester from liberty, fasting and prayer much castigation”.[35-38] Analysis: Othello refer to the fruitfulness as her love is like a tree like having to share her love for other people and talking about desdemona have the reason of having the love she has toward cassio. ✅ And the liberal heart means about the different kind of love she has and the desdemona is the humble person who don’t know anything about what she is doing. ✅ And the Othello refer about hot, hot, moist in means about that he talk about how desdemona hand is sweating and might have something to hide and not telling him. Othello tells desdemona that her love is not for him but for more people like talking to cassio all the time. In conclusion othello refer all that part how she have the different type of love for him.✅

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