Going in on Revolution by Agnes

May 12, 2017


Going in on Revolution

My thoughts on this video and song were how much of the lyrics were actually true. How the composer has written the song in a way to make you think about it and go into depth. The lyrics speak for themselves, meaning like the words this person choses and the way it is put into a song lyric can mean anything. It can refer to a lot of things in life. I feel like the meaning of the song and its lyrics are determined by the listener.  Its the way the listener understands it and what the lyrics means to the. The video portrays different people, young and old, who looks like they came as they are. The lyrics talk about the issues we face today and how much it is hurting us. We have these problems, but it never seems like it is going to go away. It is like it is here to stay. I think this song has so much to say in just those 4 minutes and 18 seconds. In that time, all of the thoughts and feelings on issues that people face are here. It is all clung together in a short song. How can we adjust it? What can we do to fix it? How can we make living in this cruel world better?